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Our unique history of blend of passion and investment goes back to the 19th Century, when my European great-grandfather brought set of collectibles just after retiring from Emperor's Cavalry. He handed it over to the next line of our House same time ingraining that amazing life-long hobby among family members. 

Since then, through all the generations of our family, we have joyfully cherished love and interest in rarities, especially coins from limited series, exotic places or simply beautiful and eye-catching pieces of art made using cutting-edge technologies. 

Feel warmly invited to join that magnificent journey through the time, space and and places exploring how to indulge Yourself in that exquisite world taking Your collection and experience to another level. Ultimately, it will be an inspiring and fantastic way of making Your investment portfolio grow. 

We are based in Adelaide, South Australia, and thanks to year 2020 IT technology we can share and deliver  what is precious to literally any place in the World. 

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